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Fatty Amines

نوعية جيدة Fatty Amines للبيع
نوعية جيدة Tertiary Amines للبيع
Qida Chemical not only provide us good quanlity products, but also precise product information and reasearch report date, which is much helpful to us!

—— Nyanzi Benson

Their professional work makes them to be a supplier who paying much attention on customers' needs, it make our job easier and more convenient!

—— Nancy Kaira

Since 2006, we have worked with Qida for ten years, we have to say it is a good journey for the continuous cooperation and growth between both of us!

—— Sohail Hisham

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نحن نوعية جيدة المزود من Fatty Amines, Tertiary Amines and Quaternary Ammonium Salt من الصين

أفضل مسحوق المدعومة النيكل المحفزات، عالية الأداء، الهدرجة محفز،
أفضل Benzalkonium Chloride Quaternary Ammonium Salt CAS 85409-22-9
أفضل Colourless Hexadecyl Octadecyl Dimethyl Amines CAS No 68390-97-6
أفضل Decabromdipheny Ethane DBDPE Brominated Flame Retardants CAS No 84852-53-9
أفضل Professional Oil Drilling Industry Carboxy Methyl Cellulose  ISO9001
أفضل Xanthan Gum Drilling Grade 80 Mesh Organic Xanthan Gum 25kg Kraft Bag
أفضل ETHEPHON 90% TECH Growth Regulators In Plants CAS 16672-87-0
أفضل CMC Carboxy Methylcellulose in liquid drinks / lactic acid drinks
أفضل Magnesium Hydroxide MDH Inorganic Additive CAS 1309-42-8 White Powder
أفضل كاس 14433-76-2، N، N- ثنائي ميثيل ديكاناميد، أمين وظيفي الأمينات الدهنية، مستحلب
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Qida Chemical Co., Ltd
To expand the sales in both local and global markets, as a subsidiaries of Qida Group, Qida Chemical Co., Ltd. was Established in 2006, located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The action was based on its two manufacturer bases with great production abilities. One...    قراءة المزيد